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IWK Health offers you the opportunity to build the career you want, with an organization that directly impacts the health of Atlantic Canadians. As part of our search for top talent, we invite you to search our careers, set up a job alert and connect with our recruiters by uploading your resume. Applying online is quick and easy:

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Application Process & Information

Thank you for your interest in working for IWK Health. Our application and interview processes have been designed to create a supportive, transparent approach that reflects our commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion and reconciliation.

Here is what we would like you to understand when applying for any IWK Health position:

1. WHEN APPLYING: If you are applying for a unionized position, our internal hiring process is governed by collective agreements. For non-union and unionized positions that go to external recruitment, the following process will apply:

  • All applicants that meet the stated position qualifications are considered for an interview. This is one component of the process where there are no absolutes, as in some cases there will be too many qualified candidates to feasibly interview.
  • When referring candidates for Manager Review, Human Resources (HR) would generally refer no more than ten candidates. HR will forward a list of qualified candidates, with a percentage of 50% or higher self-identified candidates, if available. (Note: the self-identification information is available in the system for the Hiring Manager to see.) Hiring Managers are then asked to have a minimum of 50% self-identified candidates represented in their candidates chosen for interview. (If there isn’t a base that will equal 50%, then there is to be the maximum amount possible). If a Manager chooses to screen applicants instead of HR, they will adhere to the above guidelines.
  • If a candidate who has self-identified is not the highest scoring candidate but falls within 10% of the highest scoring candidate, the candidate who self-identified is to be offered the role. The ‘10%’ reflects the current impact of historical bias on traditionally marginalized people and supports our goal of increasing diverse representation to reflect the region in which we operate and the patients and families we serve. If a self-identified candidate scores below the preestablished pass mark and the addition of the 10% would put them up over the pass mark, this does not denote that a hire needs to be made.
  • If the SID candidate was to be offered the position and is not selected, the Manager is to consult with the HR Advisor to review prior to the offer stage.

Note: For designated positions, all applicants who self-identify as per the specific information and qualifications in the posting will be considered. We ask that you reflect on our intent of inviting you to self-identify and know that it is your choice to complete this information. Tracking applicants and employee data will enable IWK Health to monitor representation of members of priority populations and to develop and promote employment equity initiatives.

2. WHEN MAKING ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE INTERVIEW: If we contact you, we invite you to share any accommodations you need for the interview, to ensure we are ready for your arrival.

3. During INTERVIEW: Should you need an accommodation to perform the work you are interviewing for, we ask that you not raise your accommodation needs during the interview, but wait until you are offered the position. Please then review your accommodation requirements with the Hiring Manager.

We hope this information will help you to see the potential in our opportunities. Appreciating that awareness, language and experiences evolve over time, we welcome your feedback as to the content represented on this page. To find out more about the Self Identification Process or if you have questions about the hiring process, please contact